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Rabbit Hole Trailer

After her brilliant performance in Dogville Nicole Kidman seems to have disappeared from any critical roles. Austrailia was what it was, and Nine hardly gave her anything to work with at all so it will be a pleasant surprise to see her do something of substance in Rabbit Hole.


CMrok93 said…
This trailer doesn't look all that good, but Kidman looks like she really does give it her all in this film, and she may get nominated this year.
Red said…
This trailer has raised my interest in this movie ten-fold, especially the whole "He's God, he could've just made a new angel" thing. Ballsy script. I like. That sounds weird, but oh well.
Fitz said…
Agreed. I wasn't expecting that line from Kidman, but it delivers a slap to the face.
Stu said…
Looks interesting. Don't know if I'll see it in theaters but I will definitely make an effort to see it at some point. I thought Kidman was good in "Margot at the Wedding" from Noah Baumbach. Just about everyone else under the sun tore that film up, however.
ruth said…
Wow, I agree with everyone about Kidman. I generally like her but she looks particularly compelling here and not as glamorous as she usually is, which is a good thing. That line is heartbreaking... I have a colleague who just lost his 11 year-old son suddenly, but the way he deals with it is inspiring. Instead of cursing God he's thankful he was given the privilege to be with his son for that time period.

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