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FYC: Alice in Wonderland

Can't really say this is a surprise considering how much money this earned at the box office, but I was expecting more from Disney, more specifically a Best Picture for your consideration ad for Toy Story 3, not for a lazy re-imagining from Tim Burton. As the award season goes on I imagine more qualified films will make a push.

(Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly)


Red said…
At least it managed to be the first FYC out there. And while most believe it doesn't have a chance at the big awards, it should contend fairly well for many below the line categories.
Stu said…
There weren't many levels at which I was impressed at all with Burton's "Alice." Even the effects and Art Direction were less than stellar.
Andrew said…
I've made this comment before but I really just don't see this making any splashes at the Awards at all this year. Alice roared out of the gates with mixed reviews and a decent box office and hasn't been spoken of since; it doesn't have hype culture buzzing about it to give it the kind of presence needed to turn it into an Oscar winner.

Aside from that it's just a horrendous movie. Maybe that just means that I'm biased against its chances, but speaking to the above I genuinely don't see how this movie's going to earn anything other than a couple of art-related noms (which it will probably lose). Now, the Razzies are another story...

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