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New Screencap from Inception

This will be the last screencap/news story/etc. that will be posted for Inception. I do not want to risk ruining the film for others and myself.

10 Years of 'Fight Club'

It's been eleven years since David Fincher's Fight Club hit theatres. The initial critical reaction was tepid to say in the least, no one wanted to stand up and commend what Roger Ebert called, "macho-porn." It was deemed too stupid to be an effective satire and today it is one of the most celebrated cult films ever. However, in the past eleven years, it has also been adopted as the fratboy film of choice for getting drunk, reminiscing about high-school, getting drunk some more and so on. It's time to take the film back.
The beauty of Fight Club was that it wasn't just about men turning one another to bloody pulp, but that it was a social satire of the mass consumerism that was the 1990's.
For a duration of the 90's many people were defined only by their purchases. How is anyone to know who you are unless they can easily identify you by your Nike shoes, IKEA furniture, Rolex watch and Porsche Boxster, etc. Society has become so mundane and machine-li…


None of these men are hiding behind governments, an army brigade, they are not protecting freedom. They simply want the otherside dead. Bill the Butcher (another excellent portrayal by Daniel Day-Lewis) would rather see his life ended than a world where Irishmen, African-Americans and "Natives" share a country.

Review: Holy Rollers

Sam Gold (Jesse Eisenberg) is a young Hasidic Jew eagerly awaiting his set marriage. Unfortunately her family does not consent to the proposal and Sam deems it's because of the money. The Gold family works in fabrics and Sam is employed along with his father dealing with hagglers day in and day out. Their apartment gets more cramped by the day and luxuries are hard to come by, but they have each other.
That family bond is soon pushed by Sam. Family, friends, religion, all of these "little" things get in the way of Sam's ability to bring in money. Sam realizes that his father's business is modest, but money makes life easier and he wants a good life. Set marriages are fine, but he has his eye on the finer things and more attractive women.
No matter what people think of you, they respect the money. I see a lot of parallels to Michael in The Godfather actually, the initial naivete, the instinctive grab for power once the foot is in the threshold, down to the manipu…

Review: The Trotsky (***1/2)

It's been a great year for Jay Baruchel. He set out starring in the entertaining comedy She's Out of My League. He then took the reins in the CGI action-thriller How To Train Your Dragon.
And now, he stars as a teenager who believes himself to be the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky in The Trotsky. Baruchel has repeatedly taken on and excelled in interesting comedic roles over the past few years, and he continues to show this talent in his latest outing.
As Leon Trotsky (the second, perhaps) Baruchel is a charming ideologue; he is always as eager to delve into philosophical arguments as he is to lead a picket line. Leon is a firm believer in democratic socialism, and opposes the communism of the totalitarian Stalin regime.
The film is an intriguing examination of its central theme, whether youth are apathetic about politics, or just bored about life in general. Screen veteran Colm Feore plays against the young Trotsky as a prototypical "The Man," who is confident in hi…

The Vault: Serenity (2005)

"Now think real hard. You been bird-doggin' this township awhile now. They wouldn't mind a corpse of you. Now, you can luxuriate in a nice jail cell, but if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you."
And with that line my infatuation with Firefly began. The Joss Whedon series ran for only fourteen episodes, of which only eleven aired - thanks again FOX - but the devotion of Firefly fandom brought the series back to the big screen.
The spaceship Serenity, headed by Captain Malcolm Reynolds, is still on the run from the Alliance (imagine the world's largest corporate merger between China and the United States, with big guns), but this time Inara (Morena Baccarin) and Shepherd Book (Ron Glass) are gone. It's not necessary to watch Firefly to enjoy Serenity although the overall experience is much richer if you have. Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillion, is perhaps the most entertaining, yet perplexing, character I've …

Review: Iron Man 2

There’s always something worth watching in a character, whom in his means of turning to good only succeeds in making things far worse than ever imagined. Like The Dark Knight and Spider-man 2 the plight of Iron Man 2 is escalation. In the six months following the aftermath of Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) revelation that he is Iron Man, there is an unprecedented peace across the planet. With a nuclear deterrent ready to go at a minute's notice the Stark legacy may finally be remembered for peace and, with the resurrection of Stark Expo, a better planet.
Legacy is an important part of any man's life in Tony's case - as a former arms dealer - it is especially important. Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) provides an unique take on a villain that is essentially a mirror of Tony. Both men had fathers who were pioneers of science, unfortunately, only Tony used his gift for good. Sons have always been burdened with the task of becoming more than their fathers, when you're fa…

Plot Mapper

Check out this cool Plot Mapping Device. Above you'll notice a demonstration of its abilities based on the off-the-wall 1981 comedy So Fine.

The tool provides an interesting means of plot visualization. By graphing the character's relations by means of their proximity, the exegete can glean added insight into the machinations of the film. Most intriguing!

Bridges as Cogburn in True Grit

With Bridges seemingly not in possession of an eyepatch, or a duster I imagine this adaptation will look very different. If this doesn't have you convinced there's the notion of Carter Burwell scoring the film with Protestant hymns:  “We both had the same idea at the same time: Protestant hymns.” The composer went on to explain that the lead character, Mattie Ross (to be played by Hailee Steinfeld) was so convinced of her own righteousness that they all thought Protestant hymns would be a fine way to play with her misplaced rectitude." (via: /Film)


Yahoo released another Tron Legacy billboard today and it looks like Lightcars will be making an appearance in the film.The marketing for Tron has gone really well considering I don't think many people cared about this film past two months ago.