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10 Words or Less: Reservoir Dogs (1999)

One of these men is a cop.

The Vault: A Scanner Darkly (2006)

Meet Bob, Bob Arctor is the head of a drug ring. Meet Fred, a narcotics detective for the city of Anaheim.   They are the same man.
The choice of roto animation is not just for fun's sake by Richard Linklater, it is used as a metaphor for what you are watching. It looks like real-life, but there is a thin separation from reality that hazes your judgement. That haze is reflected in Bob/Fred whose own dependence on Substance D is causing a rift in his mind.
Mental illness is depicted through Barris (Robert Downey Jr.) and Luckman (Woody Harrelson), Arctor's two main flackies with varying levels of psychosis. The two spend a majority of their days discussing alternative theories as to who is really responsible for their troubles. Most of these theories often lead back to the government. Ironically enough the government in charge of the rehabilitation clinic is the hub for the designer drug that is destroying the minds of citizens.
Drug culture has been more widely accepted in t…

Red State Teaser

This will be a major departure of sorts for Kevin Smith, previously known for slacker comedies and fart jokes, as he delves into the realm of religious fundamentalism. I look forward to this with some caution as Smith's last film was Cop Out, but if there is a film to be seen during the dead season of February and March this might be it.

Listen to 'Black Swan' Soundtrack

An homage of sorts to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake as exhibited by "A Swan Song (For Nina)", but the score is not without Mansell's touches. "Lose Yourself" is a steady thrill that leaves you feeling like you are being washed away and "Night of Terror" shall leave you sufficiently disturbed during your drive home from the theatre. Overall, it is not as memorable as his scores for Requiem for a DreamThe Fountain, or The Wrestler, but the score fits the film well.

'Social Network' Sweeps Critics

Well, the critics have spoken and The Social Network is a force to be reckoned with come awards season. Indiana, Boston, LA, and New York have all deemed 'Social Network' the one to beat.
Eisenburg has netted a trophy for himself and I'm really hoping the Academy manages to look past his age and nominate him for Best Actor. David Fincher has also been causing a ruckus and I'm thinking we're looking at another sweep season this February much like The Hurt Locker last year when that film won Best Picture, Best Director and Original Screenplay.

10 Words or Less: Requiem for a Dream (2000)

The American Dream is, infact, a nightmare.

Armond White or: How I Learned to Stop Caring and Ignore the Troll

Whether it is his glowing review of Norbit, his thrashing of Toy Story 3, or just his general pompousness, you are aware of Armond White.

His dismissal of Toy Story 3 came at a convenient time when the film was sitting pretty with a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. "But Toy Story 3 is so besotted with brand names and product-placement that it stops being about the innocent pleasures of imagination—the usefulness of toys—and strictly celebrates consumerism." A claim that could have been taken at face value had he not followed it with this sentiment "Transformers 2 already explored the same plot to greater thrill and opulence." I am sure if one were inclined to interview Michael Bay at his most enlightened he would have never crafted an answer that insightful regarding hidden parables in his Transformers vehicle.
White was at his most incensed when forced to sit down and type out his thoughts regarding Precious, but praised Norbit for its reflection of society, &quo…

Take a Survey, Win a DVD!

Who's the weirdest director in Hollywood? Lynch? Von Trier? What was the best film of the year? Take a survey and see how other cinephiles think and you could win a DVD for your efforts. Be sure to leave a comment so I know who to include in the pool.
The contest is sponsored by Price Minister so feel free to hit their site and check out the rest of their catalog.

Listen to Tron Legacy Soundtrack

It's hit! Daft Punk's score for Tron Legacy has hit and it is everything I expected it to be. "Derezzed" broke first and is still the most recognizably Daft Punk song of the bunch, but "The Game Has Changed" is the most thrilling. "C.L.U." is your classic villain introduction theme and I'm also fond of "Solar Sailer", for what particular reason is not known, but give it a spin. Here's hoping for some Academy Award love this February.

The Beaver Trailer

Mel Gibson's last unfortunate tirade seems to have cost him some of the goodwill he had earned back following his great performance in Edge of Darkness and that is truly a shame considering how good this looks. Jodie Foster's most recent directorial effort looks like the most genuinely funny trailer I have seen all year.

Tree of Life Trailer Attached To Black Swan

The first peek at Terrence Malick's Tree of Life is attached to Black Swan and for those of you lucky enough to see Black Swan this weekend you'll get a look at one of the most anticipated films in recent history.
Tree of Life stars Sean Penn as Jack and Brad Pitt as his emotionally-vacant father. Malick's film is reportedly on an epic scale and ranges from when dinosaurs roamed the Earth to current day America where Jack faces an unknown crisis.

FYC: The Social Network

Right now this is the front-runner. Many sites have pegged The King's Speech because of its prestige factor, but The Social Network has captured  the zeitgeist of our time and like The Hurt Locker last year that effect cannot be overstated. What has me interested most is whether Jesse Eisenberg will be nominated for Best Actor. The category has skewed toward older actors recently, but I get the feeling the Academy will make a splash this year.
(Courtesy: Awards Daily)

10 Words or Less: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Scaredy Potter.