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Third Batman Film Titled 'The Dark Knight Rises'

As reported by the LA Times Hero Complex blog writer Geoff Boucher in an interview with Mr. Nolan himself. Also noted in the interview is that The Riddler will not be featured in the third film and it will not be shot in 3-D.

The title gives us a clue as to what the third film will be about, redemption of some sort for Bruce and his alter-ego Batman, but now - and this is just an assumption - I'm thinking that Tom Hardy ends up playing a task force leader sent after the vigilante known as Batman. Anything after that you'll have to ask Christopher Nolan.


Ben said…
"The Riddler will not be featured" Yay!

"will not be shot in 3-D" Yay!

"Tom Hardy" Boo!
CastorTroy said…
Not the most original title out there but who cares, as long as the movie is great!
Danny King said…
I'm a bit lukewarm on the title for now, but your guess regarding Hardy's role is very intriguing, and probably the most unique one I've read yet. Most people are assuming it's a villain, but I quite like your prediction.
Richard said…
Not the greatest title, I guess, but I'm glad to hear it won't be jumping on the 3D bandwagon. Also glad it won't be using The Riddler. I never thought he was much of a character.
Dan said…
As long as Nolan is directing it, I'm happy.
Stu said…
Let's face it, that title is just plain weak! I think there needs to be legitimate fan pressure for something more interesting.
Will said…
Yeah the title seems kind of weak and sounds like a placeholder. It does suggest the redemption you mention, that is the necessary next step from the end of Dark Knight. I just don't think Dark Knight should be in the title of this one too. Doesn't matter too much though, as long as it's awesome.

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