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Mara, Craig and Fincher on 'Dragon Tattoo' Set

Here's your look at Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig and David Fincher on the set of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo set in Sweden. If I didn't know that the picture on the left is Rooney Mara I would've never guessed that it was her.

Fincher's adaptation has me considerably more excited for this than the original. Michael Nyqvist's portrayal of Mikael Blomkvist was incredibly wooden it would be almost impossible for Daniel Craig to not come up with something better. Mara is a wild card as she has very few performances to her name and where she could go with this material is beyond scope.

(via: The Playlist)


H-Rod said…
I really enjoy the idea of Fincher and Daniel Craig working together, almost as much of my fantasy of Viggo Mortensen and Fincher eventually working together. Damn fancy business, even if I'm not particularly elated at the idea of this remake.

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