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Mortensen as Freud in A Dangerous Method

Here is a look at Viggo Mortensen in David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method The film also stars Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung and Keira Knightley as Sabrina Spielrein, the girl who causes a rift between the mentor and protege. 

(Courtesy: The Playlist)


ruth said…
Looking forward to this movie! Mortensen and Fassbender in one movie!! Lucky Keira.
Andrew C. said…
The Mortensen/Cronenberg train is still a-chuggin' along and I couldn't be happier. They're a great team, and I think they can really make any material they choose to just pop.

The images are pretty chock-full of detail considering how sparse they are. Viggo if nothing else looks the part, and I really can't wait to see him play off of Fassbender and Knightley. This is absolutely going to be one to watch.
Fitz said…
Watching Mortensen and Fassbender sparring w/ each other will be incredibly entertaining.

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