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Review: Up

Up begins as any other story would, about a girl, Ellie and a shy child adventurer, Carl.

Carl and Ellie want to become just like their hero Charles Muntz, who has just discovered a new species of bird in South America. In the course of following Muntz's adventures, Carl and Ellie grow up, fall in love, get married and make their plans to go to South America. However, as the saying goes "life is what happens between plans".

Carl and Ellie save up their money to go to Paradise Falls, but the money they save inevitably ends up spent on other things. House repairs, hospital bills and the like keeps kicking their dream to see the world down the road. The two decide to have children and then Pixar takes a turn I never saw coming, they actually allow us inside their heartbreak: first Ellie’s miscarriage and then her untimely death.

The montage and Michael Giacchino's accompanying score is extremely emotional and as the montage progresses, there is not a dry eye in the hous…