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Hereafter Trailer

With his past film, Invictus, Mr. Eastwood seemed to be letting too much go without really stimulating the audience in any significant fashion. While the tale of Mandela's resurgence was inspiring, it never really went anywhere in the film. A parallel allegory to our time went untouched, while a underdog sport's story was played up too often to unsatisfactory results. I hesitate to call Hereafter Oscar-bait (when Conviction and Never Let Me Go clearly deserve that title), but time will tell when this is released.


Fitz said…
Yeah, this looks bad and I can see why no one is promoting it's TIFF screening.
Joel Burman said…
The trailer is bad in the sense that you dont really get attracted to the film its just a bunch of emotional scenes. And whats up with the fade to black in almost every cut?? I hate that I get sleepy by it.

What I like is that its hardly any focus on the supernatural stuff as I see it he might be a hoax aswell.

It breaks my heart seeing that Tsunami.
CMrok93 said…
Supernatural thrillers for me are sometimes either very well-done, or just crappy as hell. But one done by Clint Eastwood, may be something to check out.
CastorTroy said…
This doesn't look very appetizing. I will wait for the reviews to come in as these kind of supernatural thrillers are hit or miss.
Darren said…
I have to confess, it's a bit disheartening that the reviews so far aren't massively positive, because there's so much potential here.

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