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Buried International Trailer

The teaser trailer for Buried was pretty much perfect for advertising the film for what it was, I don't see the need for revealing anything more. But, I get the feeling Lionsgate released this trailer as a way of placating fans who wanted actual shots from the film.


CMrok93 said…
I hope Reynolds can actually pull all this off, cause he's a good, and talented actor, but a one-man show, is something very very big to pull off.
CastorTroy said…
ahaha well, I'm very optimistic, I read the script ;)
Dan said…
I'm quietly optimistic about this one now I've read a couple of reviews.
Dan said…
It's like a sequel to The Vanishing. Either that or a rip-off. Looks interesting...if they pull off a one man show like this the director needs Knighting.
H-Rod said…
I have no idea how they are going to make this work, and even more so I don't know that I can handle watching it in the theater. I had a hard time with Uma in Kill Bill Vol. 2. However if it can somehow be pulled off, my greatest respect, because that's an insane concept. Plus I'd like to see Ryan Reynolds do something that isn't bullshit. I dig him.

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