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FYC: DreamWork's How to Train Your Dragon

Well DreamWorks has launched the first volley into awards season and with Toy Story 3 passing $1,000,000,000 they may need to if they plan on taking that Best Animated Feature Oscar home. What's interesting is that they are also pushing for Best Picture. Granted, a ten picture field minimizes the risk, but time well tell if two animated films can break the best picture race.

(Courtesy: InContention)


Madhatter 21 said…
Y'know, I really loved DRAGON...perhaps more than TOY STORY 3. I think the difference-maker for me is the way that TOY STORY 3 is putting a bow on its story, while DRAGON's story is self contained.

Heck, even where the use of 3-D is concerned, DRAGON seemed to win in a massive way over TS3 which only really used it sparingly.

As for either of them joining the Best Picture race, I can't see either one making the jump just yet...gotta wait and see how the fall movies play out.

(Speaking of, isn't it a little early for FYC ads?)
Fitz said…
Just a little. The earliest last year was around October/November I believe? But DreamWorks has to push early.
ruth said…
I can't wait 'til this comes out on dvd! I wish I had seen it on the big screen. Sounds like it should be a contended for Best Animated Films.

P.S. I've added you to my BlogRoll Fitz! I'll be following your blog more in the future!
blogcabins said…
The HTTYD people are high. I understand that just about every film with a snowball's chance puts "Best Picture" on their FYC ads, but they've got no chance. TS3 will get a Best Pic nod - I'd wager large sums of money on that, but that'll do, donkey. HTTYD will have to settle for a close loss in the Animated category, methinks. A win even in that category would be a monumental upset - not so much in terms of the quality of the films themselves, but in terms of expectations and Pixar's repuation. It would shake some shit up.
H-Rod said…
If there was a year for it to happen, I would say both Dragon and Toy Story are more than worthy of that contention so far. They are certainly some of the best movies of the year thus far.
H-Rod said…
I'm with Hatter on the thought that I may have liked Dragon a little more than Toy Story 3 as well. Just by a bit, but on it's one it's such a wonderful story.
Dan said…
I've not seen Dragon but all this talk of it being better than Toy Story means I'm going to have to catch up with it ASAP.

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