28 May 2013

'Pacific Rim' Monsters Get Spotlight in Empire

Courtesy of Empire, there are new images of one of the monsters featured in Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim. Along with images of the beast is a quote from Del Toro explaining how each monster creates a unique battle in the film:

"The first fight is very operatic, theatrical: Wagnerian. It happens in the middle of an iceberg-strewn sea, in the middle of a storm, with huge waves crashing on the Jaeger and Kaiju. We worked really hard at making water a character in this movie, frequently referring to Hokusai or the Fuji wave, and trying to make the water enhanced and add to the drama. This fight tries to quote the majesty of a painting by Goya called the Colossus.”

Not that I was worried about repetition, but I'm glad Del Toro thought to make each battle different visually, it should make for a blast in IMAX.