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Top Five London Musicals

And now for something a little different: Never Mind Pop Film tends not to cover musicals and theatre, so we thought we would venture out a bit. This guest post about top musicals comes from Angelina Lawson.

When it comes to musicals in London, there are a huge selection to choose from. But just like anything else in the world, London has its most popular musicals. According to Box Office Theater, the top 5 London Musicals has sparked years of excitement and conversation.

Les Miserables located at the Queen's Theatre is considered the longest running musical in London.Based around a novel written by Victor Hugo, this London Musical captivates you with melodic tones and rendering movement. This musical isn't for the light-hear ted, it's more for the ones looking to be moved emotionally.

Billy Elliott the musical is housed at the Victoria Palace Theatre and is considered to be one of the greatest dance and song show. Even though Elton John is the creator of the music, this musical itself is what makes for a memorable evening.
The Phantom of the Opera is and will more than likely be one of the greatest London Musicals of all time. Showcasing at Her Majesty's Theatre, Andrew Lloyd Webber's creative form produced a masterpiece that will forever be famous.
Chicago plays at the Cambridge Theatre and is based on the earlier eras of Chicago. This musical is considered to be more dark, more moving. Based on the character Roxie Hart; the musical tells a story on how she murders her lover.Even though this musical isn't really for the younger crowd, it is definitely for the more mature crowd.
Jersey Boys is a London Musical that is based around a popular group by the name of "The Four Seasons." Housed at the Prince Edwards Theatre, this musical still has been known to take breaths away. Performing some of the most popular songs to date, "Big Girls Don't Cry" and " My eyes Adored You," this musical stands as one of the top 5 London Musicals.

When it comes to the top 5 London Musicals, you will definitely find that there are many to choose from. But the most popular musicals will always be the ones that leave you talking and leave you moved. All of these musicals have played for over 24 years and they are still the all-time favorite’s of many.

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