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Latest 'Green Lantern' Trailer

It looks like DC has a better idea of where it's going with Green Lantern. All is left to do now is to wait until June.


Dan said…
Looks good. Not a big Ryan Reynolds fan but I like some of director Martin Campbell's previous work, most notably Goldeneye.
Fitz said…
I would have assumed you would have said Casino Royale before Goldeneye.
CastorTroy said…
Looks better but still not enough to get my ass in the movie theater ;)
ruth said…
I had no idea Martin Campbell's directing this. I like Casino Royale a lot but I'm just not crazy about the look of this flick... it's just slimy/gooey looking. It's a rental at best.
CastorTroy said…
 Yes, still looks like a 2003 video-game at times ;)
Stu said…
It's looking a lot sharper than it did in the earliest trailers. I'm not holding out on a great film but the 3D trailer may actually get me into the theater. 
Every time I see something related to the Green Lantern movie I feel...
underwhelmed. I keep hoping that I'll be surprised when the movie is
released but this new revelation has not given me hope. Read more:
The trailer was better than the film. But still, it did have legs -

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