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The Hangover Part II Teaser

This seems like too much of a redundancy, but what do I know? It's got monkeys and America loves monkeys.


AndyS said…
Very 'meh'. Wish they teased a little bit more.

Oh well, I already know I'm going to see it opening weekend.

And whenever I see a cute little monkey like that, I never fail to think about TEMPLE OF DOOM.
CMrok93 said…
Ehh not looking for anything special, but it will be nice to see what they can do this next time around.
Stu said…
Truly a teaser... not much there. Still looking forward to it, nonetheless.
JL said…
Eh, doesn't really give us much to go on. Just a simple teaser that's more about gloating of its previous success than giving us something to look forward to in the sequel.

Here's what I don't particularly like about it though: Justin Bartha is clearly in the movie as evidenced by the previous pictures when they're in the airport. However, he's not at all in this teaser trailer. Implying that, once again, he gets "lost" and the other three are out to find him. So....they're doing the exact same thing as the first? That could come off rather cheap and redundant. I'm just not sure that would be the proper way to approach this.

Hopefully it will still be as funny as the first, though, making it a worthwhile watch.

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