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Guillermo Del-Toro to Produce "Darker" Pinocchio

Guillermo Del-Toro is a busy, busy man. Luckily, he has taken time to develop and produce a stop-motion Pinocchio for Universal pictures, Deadline reports. The project is based on the 2002 book by Gris Grimly, which aimed for an older audience. Del Toro knows his craft by now (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy and The Devil's Backbone) and I can't see how this could possibly be bad.

If that weren't enough to stoke your fires Nick Cave has signed on to be the musical consultant and the puppets and 3D will be done by the UK company McKinnon and Saunders who also did the puppets for Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Corpse Bride.


Dan said…
Love this idea. Pinocchio is a great story and crying out for a new film. And Del Toro is the perfect man for the job.
Stu said…
If the above figure is any indication, I'm sure this film will be both beautiful and excellent. For anyone who hasn't seen "Fantastic Mr. Fox," by the way, make it a point to do so soon.
Darren said…
Yep, Fantastic Mr. Fox just looks great. I'm counting on this being nightmare-inducingly creepy, though.
Fitz said…
Reflecting back on the last two years how great has animation been? Up, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Toy Story 3, Tangled, HTTYD. All great efforts.
Agracru said…
The combination of the concept and the puppets pictured above put this in line with Coraline for me; I think I'd actually be excited about this even without GDT on board, but his involvement certainly means nothing but good things for the project.

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