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Cowboys & Aliens Superbowl Spot

By far my favorite spot of the entire game. Could be the hit of the year.


Darren said…
Psyched about this film. I have to admit, I kinda dug the Captain America trailer as well - even if it just flew by.
Dan said…
I can't see why anyone wouldn't be excited by this! It might end up being rubbish but I love the cast and the premise just seems like a crowd-pleaser waiting to happen.
Stu said…
I'm definitely getting revved up about this flick. I have to agree with Darren on the "Cap" spot too. Hopefully Whedon's little tweaks to the script will pull the dialogue out of the barnyard.
Fitz said…
If I remember correctly the tv spot had no dialogue that I can recall. Or the trailer for that matter.

Maybe the dialogue problems still exists?

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