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Red State Teaser

This will be a major departure of sorts for Kevin Smith, previously known for slacker comedies and fart jokes, as he delves into the realm of religious fundamentalism. I look forward to this with some caution as Smith's last film was Cop Out, but if there is a film to be seen during the dead season of February and March this might be it.


CMrok93 said…
I wonder if Smith can actually pull this off. It looks very creepy, and as well as dark, a major departure indeed. But I just hope Smith doesn't lose focus as he did with that crap fest Cop Out.
blogcabins said…
Yeah, I was talking about this on the latest podcast. Were it not for Smith directing this, interest in it would likely be a whole hell of a lot smaller, but it's just such a departure, not only in genre but tone and look, that it's instantly become many times more interesting. I'll be there.

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