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The Beaver Trailer

Mel Gibson's last unfortunate tirade seems to have cost him some of the goodwill he had earned back following his great performance in Edge of Darkness and that is truly a shame considering how good this looks. Jodie Foster's most recent directorial effort looks like the most genuinely funny trailer I have seen all year.


CastorTroy said…
To be honest, I'm really looking forward to this. The script is a perfect balance of comedy and dark introspection, and Mel Gibson is said to be giving a truly amazing performance in it.
CMrok93 said…
This trailer really does make this film look great, which from what I hear, probably will be. The only problem is that nobody knows when this will actually come out, due to Gibson's personal problems.
agracru said…
Mel's real-life persona shouldn't do anything to detract from his work as an artist. Sure, he's a right nutter and a hate-monger, but that's Mel Gibson, damaged human being, as opposed to Mel Gibson, actor. If Mel wants to make movies like this, I'll be there to see them. This definitely has my eye.
Rodney said…
Hate to say it, but Mel's ruined himself for me. I doubt I'll check this out in cinemas, but may do when it comes on Blu, as long as there's nothing else I'm more interested in seeing first...

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