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The Snubs of 2009

Every year it's the same thing some surprises - In the Loop for Original Screenplay - some disappointments - no love for Mackie - and down right stupid selections - Cruz for Supporting Actress.

Melanie Laurent - Inglourious Basterds - Lead Actress
While Pitt and gang were the face of the film Shosanna played an integral part of the story and was the center of attention in the most tension-filled scene all year. Try eating a strudel without shuddering.

Marion Cotillard - Public Enemies - Supporting Actress
The heart of John Dillinger's affections Cotillard delivered as a coat check girl caught up in the celebrity whirlwind of being a gangster's girl. While it is safe to assume Cotillard wasn't recognized because she just won Best Actress two years ago, good performances should not go unnoticed.

A Single Man - Best Picture
For every reason I stated in earlier in my critique of it a Best Picture contender (I understood that the ten nominees were to include popcorn films, but with Avatar in there Blind Side did not need to be nominated) this should've been a contender.

Where the Wild Things Are - Best Cinematography
While one could argue that the story was flimsy and that it was more "where the emo things are", it cannot be said that this was one of the most exquisitely shot films of the year.
Which snubs bothered you most?


Castor said…
I was definitely pissed that Melanie Laurent did not get a nomination. Sandra Bullock is homing in on an Oscar, I'm going to have a stroke...
Anonymous said…
Whoa fella Penelope Cruz is one of the best actreesses around where do you get off?!
Ben said…
I.B. was far from being Tarantino's best. Luckily it was released in what seems like a pretty weak year.
Anonymous said…
Public enemies was best movie of year summer release hurt it bad
Fitz said…
Cruz is capable of three roles: skanky, loose & easy. Beyond that she cannot perform well at all.

If anything last year was a weak year. Slumdog Millionaire wouldn't even be one of the top five contenders this year.
Marcy said…
Melanie Laurent deserved a nomination. What a wonderful, awesome performance.

And how about a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for State of Play?
Anonymous said…
This year was so weak it's unbelievable. Avatar, District 9 and The Blind Side for Best Picture? Seriously? This 10 nominations thing may not have been such a good idea after all.

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