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Nolan Officially on 'The Dark Knight Rises'

For a long time it was speculated that director Christopher Nolan would not be participating in the third Batman film, but it appears that those fears can be laid to rest as Nolan has officially signed on to direct Batman 3 (or whatever the hell it will be titled soon).

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood broke the story and Nolan is not only prepping Batman 3, but will also be a mentor for the upcoming Superman reboot.

David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan (writers of Begins & TDK) will be returning as well to write the third and presumably last film for the Nolan trilogy.


Ben said…
Nolan did an astounding job with the past two films. Before those came out, I really didn't think that Batman films had much to offer. It goes to show what a lot of artistic vision and talent can pull off, and bode's well for the future of what I call "high popcorn cinema".
Fitz said…
I was going to be devastated if Nolan left the film to less capable hands like Snyder, McG, etc.

The word is that the third film will be focused solely on Batman/Bruce.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Nolan! Who are we kidding, if Nolan didn't return WB would have handed over the reigns to freaking Brett Ratner. This is fantastic on all accounts.
Castor said…
I only hope Superman doesn't take on the same atmosphere as Batman if you know what I mean.
Ben said…
Superman is just a terrible concept. I guess he's supposed to represent America the Superpower, but the analogy isn't apt. It seems more like wishful thinking if you think of it in that regard.

Superman's ability to rise to any challenge is always anticlimactic.
optimus_blimey said…
Superman is more about being alien to this country than a metaphor for its "superpowerness" if that were a word.
Scott Brothers said…
Nolan is really the only director to actually "get" Batman, to do the character any sort of justice. The Dark Knight was far and away the best adaptation of the character yet, so it would be interesting to see him play a role in reviving Superman

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