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Cameos of the Year

We are all familiar with Bill Murray's surprise appearance in Zombieland, but what other cameos made audiences glad they came to the cinema?

Sam Elliot in Up in the Air

Elliot isn't given much to work with in brief role as Captain Maynard Finch, but come on, it's Sam Elliot!

Edward Norton in The Invention of Lying

Norton hasn't appeared in a comedy in a long while, but when he appeared onscreen after pulling over Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais with the addition of a sporting mustache I couldn't help but laugh. The fact that he's a dirty cop pulling people over to support his coke habit is just a cherry on it all.

Jon Hamm in A Single Man

Though Bill Murray may have the cooler cameo in Zombieland, the overall winner in cameos from this year is Jon Hamm's small turn in A Single Man. Hamm's turn as a relative delegated to calling George (Colin Firth) after the death of his lover is an ace casting move in the hands of director Tom Ford. He already nailed the feel of the 60's in A Single Man and adding the man who is Don Draper is just genius in an already superb directorial debut.

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