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The Politics of Ender's Game

At a Comic-con panel for Summit Entertainment's Ender's Game there is a noticeable absence at their table, writer of the novel, Orson Scott Card. The reason is not sickness, or that the writer is uncomfortable in public arenas, the reason is that Card is has made a spectacle of himself regarding his anti-gay beliefs. Card being asked to stay home isn't a surprise (he was also let go by DC Comics after the announcement that he would be the lead writer for a new Superman comic) but Ender's Game is a much more public platform.

Backlash will continue against Card as promotions for the film begin to ramp up, but he can't be hidden from the media forever, and even if he could, the boycott of the film won't go away.

Card isn't the first person in filmmaking with a controversial opinion (screenwriter Roberto Orci believes that the U.S. government was behind 9/11 and the Boston Marathon horrors), but his entrenched position in his beliefs and his need to be very vocal about those beliefs may exacerbate the matter. Oddly enough, no fuss was made when Orci announced he would be showing up at the panel.

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