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'The Dark Knight Rises' Wishlist

With the third Batman film looking to start production in 2011 it's time to look at a few different directions that the Nolan Bros. could go with the film.

1) Batman as an Outlaw

With the aftermath of The Dark Knight Batman is officially persona non grata to the city of Gotham. To many, he is the primary factor the Joker decided to wreak havoc on their lives. Commisioner Gordon will have a tightrope to walk handling his job duties and assisting Batman in restoring Gotham to what it could have been prior to Dent's scarring and the Joker's deadly plans. In absense of the Joker in the next film an all-out war against Batman could easily replace the hole of a more traditional villain.

2) A New Batmobile

The tumbler is destroyed, I can't see a Batwing being invented, especially with the sense of realism Director Christopher Nolan is going for. So will we see a repeat of the batpod, or a new vehicle created by Nathan Crowley (production designer)?

3) A New Batcave

And what better to go along with a new Batmobile than a new Batcave? Presumably Wayne Manor is rebuilt by now and the foundations in the southeast corner have extensive renovations. Whether we will see another supercomputer like in The Dark Knight is up for debate, but the Batcave will be improved.

4) A Menacing Villain

Heath Ledger's take on the Joker was easily one of the finest portrayals of a villain ever and whoever steps into the shoes of the next Nolan villain will have their work cut out for them. Bruce is in a very dark place right now: Rachel's death, his failure to save Harvey, and an entire city against him, whoever takes over the reins as Gotham's Public Enemy won't have to try too hard to take down Batman, but I can imagine that mind games will be a huge portion of their repertoire.

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