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The Dream Is Real

For my money there is nothing cooler than the idea of a city folding in on itself.


CastorTroy said…
If this movies somehow disappoints, lives will be ruined!
I know what you mean Castor, the hype for this film is cranked to about an 11. However, I remember being consumed by the hype for The Dark Knight and surprisingly left the theater satisfied. Hopefully it will be the same. So far this is starting to look like a very mediocre summer season in terms of films.
CMrok93 said…
These posters need to stop being so frickin' cool, my interest is going hay wire!!
Darren said…
"For my money there is nothing cooler than the idea of a city folding in on itself."

"Train in a street" is pretty awesome as well, as is "compartmentalised hotel room".
Dan said…
I can't see this film disappointing. Christopher Nolan has yet to put a foot wrong.
This Guy Over Here said…
This is going to be the best film ever made. Ever. Except for maybe There Will Be Blood. But still. Ever.

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