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The Losers Trailer

For those of you who haven't seen the trailer for The Losers yet, or haven't heard that Chris Evans is confirmed as Captain America, or don't know who Chris Evan is watch this. Mama didn't raise no fool may be the funniest thing in the whole trailer.


CastorTroy said…
Looks somewhat fun but quite forgettable. I probably won't see it in theater unless it really stuns people out of their socks.
Darren said…
I was actually quite disappointed with the trailer. As Castor said, it isn't that there's anything wrong with it - just that it isn't particularly memorable. I'm still no more sold on Evans as Cap than I was before I saw the trailer.
Fitz said…
I should clarify I didn't mean to suggest that The Losers would ease people's concerns about Evans as Cap. If any movie were going to do that it would be Sunshine.

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