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Darth Vader: Penultimate Warrior

Darth Vader is a powerful opponent, but he doesn't stack up too well against comic book superheroes.

The trick about defeating Darth Vader is that, for those not impervious to its effect, you have to avoid the lightsaber.


This one is no contest. Superman could literally eat Darth Vader. Superman has been shown surviving a nuclear blast, and flying through stars, so the lightsaber could not harm Superman.

Batman is Earth's greatest martial artist. If you consider that many characters are Jedi Hunter's in the Star Wars expanded universe, and that there are even a few in the canon, it's not at all hard to see Batman as being an equal of Vader's. As such, it's entirely within the realm of possibility that Batman could be a match for a Jedi.

If they were to fight, Magneto would just pull out all of the metal parts that keep Darth Vader alive.

The outcome of this battle would definitely be affected by whether or not a lightsaber could cut through adamantium. However, Wolverine has been shown to be a more apt fighter than the majority of the Marvel Universe (see the third series). Given this, and assuming that adamantium is at least somewhat impervious to the lightsaber, I give him the advantage.

So, we see that Darth Vader is generally the loser, or at best in a stalemate position, when put up against the all-stars from comic books. These characters are written as winners, while Darth Vader's writing pre-ordains him to fail. The character of Darth Vader represents, among other things, the slow weight of a lifetime of bad decisions overtaking the goals and ambitions of the individual. Conversely, comic book heroes generally embody positive attributes, and are habitual winners. It's no surprise that Darth Vader comes up a dollar short in most of these matches.


Fitz said…
Wolverine vs. Superman I'd like to see.

Just curious where's the pic from?

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