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Tron Legacy Analysis

Snap! Has the ability to de-age actors really gotten to the point where I can't tell whether they went back in time to film Jeff Bridges?

I didn't really know anything about Tron before the teaser trailer came out last summer at Comic-Con, but the trailer piqued my interest. So I check out the original Tron and to my surprise it hasn't aged badly at all. The story is infectiously enjoyable and reflective of the Cold War period it was made in. I was looking forward to this next Tron with cautious optimism, but then the new trailer for Tron Legacy was released and my expectations have been blown sky-high.

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has apparently been made prisoner of the cyber universe he triumphed over previously. The question is whether or not young Flynn and the sage Flynn depicted in this screencap are one in the same.

If anything this new film will feature a much more in depth version of the cybercity that Tron takes place. One of my chief complaints with the original Tron was that the area Flynn and Tron were interacting felt a little bare bones. Director Joseph Kosinski has more than made up for that.

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