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'The Third Man' Remake?

According to industry reports Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire might be starring in a remake of the classic film The Third Man, which is reportedly being written by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises).

Of course three major questions come from this: will the film be made as a period piece? will DiCaprio play Lime, or Martins? will one of the most excellent scenes captured on celluloid be re-made?


Ben said…
I don't know so much about remakes. Film has some roots in the theatre, and there isn't anything wrong with redoing a play. The original is done, and the only way to see the play is to put it on again.

On the other hand, the original film will still exist in most cases. You could just watch the original, which is near invariably better.

It's probably a discussion worth a top-level post.
Fitz said…
The talent involved certainly suggests that the motivation to re-issue another ace film, but you just never know.

The Fly and Cape Fear were both very good but then you have The Manchurian Candidate remake. Despite Streep and Washington's involvement did not pan out.
Dan Stephens said…
I wouldn't have given this remake a thought had I not seen Steven Knight's name attached. Eastern Promises was a terrific film, and both DiCaprio and Maguire have proven they have the dramatic acting chops when called upon. Still, classics should be left alone but Hollywood of the 21st century isn't listening.

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