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The Vault: Secrecy (2008)

Secrecy follows the creation and abuses of the American Government Secrets.

Secrecy is often necessary for national security, but also often unnecessary and sometimes detrimental. Secrecy is often abused to cover-up injustices.

Secrecy is a riveting and informative documentary. It makes a compelling argument that secrecy is another form of power that governments accumulate solely for their own empowerment. It reminiscent of the retort George Mallory gave when asked why he scaled Everest: "Because it was there." This isn't a conspiracy theory film — it's just good citizenship in action. Questioning the unjust machinations of the government is the duty of every citizen; you are not just standing up for the abused, but also for yourself and the safe foundation of citizenship.

Secrecy is the only documentary film I've seen that used modern art installations to illustrate the narrative. This is a much more visually stimulating technique than the History Channel's stand-by, the rostrum camera. There still are some rostrum shots of course, but the use of art installation in a documentary was both fitting given the subject matter, and very innovative.

Any citizen of a democracy, particularly Americans, should see Secrecy. 2.75 / 3 Igor Gouzenkos:


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