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Ye Olde Vault: Kate & Leopold (2001)

The entertainment industry makes a lot of money selling fantasy. From a young age, viewers are inculcated with a desire to live a fantasy life and indoctrinated with fantasy lifestyle propaganda. The effects of this desire to live a fantasy life are far-reaching and mostly negative, but outside of the scope of this article.

As a business venture, fantasy films follow some of the most well-worn paths of literary canon. However, as with any business, there is room for innovation to attract new customers. And lo, the science fiction / Cinderella crossover Kate & Leopold is conceived. It's a modern-day period piece rom-com.

It's essentially a star vehicle for the then waning, now waned star Meg Ryan, contrasted against the then waxing, now waxed star Hugh Jackman. The film also features Liev Schrieber as the quirky time-travel discoverer.

The film has enough late-nineteenth century repartee to hold a viewer's attention, but it lacks intellectual and emotional depth.

I give the movie 2/5 tears in the fabric of space-time.

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