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From The Dank Depths of the Vault: Postal (2007)

Uwe Boll is widely regarded as the worst pop director currently making films. Nothing he has released has earned higher than 11% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Uwe is well aware of his reputation, and in my opinion, he wanted to make a film in the "So Bad It's Good" category. To this end, he made Postal, a film so directionless that it seems exceedingly long, despite its meagre 100 minute runtime.

With it's pointless nudity, gore and lowbrow humour, the film is geared toward Beavis and Butthead's crowd. Nothing in the film has even the least amount of merit. The plot meanders from non-existent to illogical and shares the screen time equally with non-sequitur comedic interludes. Don't be surprised that Vern Troyer shows up; his presence is the litmus test of a bad comedy that's run out of ideas (ref. most any Mike Myers movie).

In short, Postal is tied for 1st place on my list of Worst Movie's I've Ever Seen. I guess I deserved that, having only watched the movie because I heard that Dave Foley shows his penis.

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