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Bridges as Cogburn in True Grit

With Bridges seemingly not in possession of an eyepatch, or a duster I imagine this adaptation will look very different. If this doesn't have you convinced there's the notion of Carter Burwell scoring the film with Protestant hymns:
 “We both had the same idea at the same time: Protestant hymns.” The composer went on to explain that the lead character, Mattie Ross (to be played by Hailee Steinfeld) was so convinced of her own righteousness that they all thought Protestant hymns would be a fine way to play with her misplaced rectitude."
(via: /Film)


Can't wait to check out True Grit! Jeff Bridges looks pretty B.A.
Danny King said…
Definitely anticipating this film. And Burwell's description of the score certainly has me intrigued also.
CMrok93 said…
True Grit from what it sounds like, will probably be good. I just don't know if The Coen Bros. can do a remake.
Fitz said…
There's no way this goes as badly as The Ladykillers remake.

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