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Christopher Nolan to Tackle Time-travel Next

With The Dark Knight trilogy officially behind him, Christopher Nolan has announced his next project: Interstellar. Interstellar was originally set aside to be directed by Steven Spielberg, but Robocalypse left him little choice but to move on.

Jonathan Nolan scripted the feature, he has previously collaborated with brother, Christopher, on The Prestige and Memento. He also co-wrote The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

"The story is about a group of scientists who travel through a worm hole, and it comes complete with alternate dimensions and time travel." Wow. So Mr. Nolan's next project is going to be a time-travel film, I wonder if I can team up with Rian Johnson and sneak into 2015 and see what it looks like?

(Courtesy: THR)

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