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Essential Performances of the 90s: Jeff Bridges

Andrew over at Encore Entertainment is currently hosting a tourney for the best performances of the 90s. In recognizing some of the best portrayals of the time, Jeff Bridges' stoned, bowling aficionado had to make the list.

The Dude is a mosaic of hazy memories, recollected facts and ninety-seven cent milk. If Bridges breezes through a character like this, everyone will sense a note of insincerity. Instead, Bridges roots himself in the terrycloth robe and Ray Ban shades. Any actor that could take a character thatfor the most partdoes nothing but bowl and get high, and make him compelling? That’s art, man.

Comedies are rarely appreciated in what they accomplish, even less so the actors in the films. So won't you head on over to Andrew's blog and reward a man for a great performance?

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