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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

WETA has outdone themselves again! I don't know why I doubted whether or not they could pull it off. The only unease that could come from this project may be from James Franco over-exposure.


Dan O'Neill said…
Looks pretty good, but once again all summer blockbusters look fun, and then turn out to be lame. So who knows with this, but I'm glad to see Franco in a big role here.
CastorTroy said…
This doesn't excite me too much but it's only a teaser so I will wait for the theatrical trailer before deciding whether I have any interest in seeing this.
Andrew said…
Finally, a reason to be excited about this movie. It's not registered on my radar at all until now.
Stu said…
I'm not sure if the fault is on my end but the video seems to be cutting off short. I'm a big POTA fan (minus the Burton remake, which I also own) and really hope they do the franchise justice this time.
Fitz said…
No, it's definitely on TrailerAddict. I'm just not sure why.

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