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Tron 3 Teaser

This isn't a teaser by any stretch - it's ten minutes long - but if you want to know where the Tron franchise is going, or fill the blanks between Tron and Tron Legacy, here you go.


Ben said…
Don't have time to watch this before work, but I have to protest the creation of this film. We're obviously heading for cash-in territory.
CastorTroy said…
So there is going to be a Tron 3? Guess they didn't learn their lesson with Tron Legacy...
Stu said…
I'm not so sure about a cash-in, I didn't hate "Legacy," but if Disney doesn't lighten things up on this third go 'round the franchise may have lost a fan.
JL said…
I still haven't seen Legacy, but nothing about that really interests me. Basically it looks like another "Speed Racer" to me. Meaning, it's good for visuals in a cool fantasy world and that's about it. The first Tron sucked. I'm not at all inclined to watch a third Tron (especially until I've seen Legacy).
Dan said…
Another Tron movie already. I still haven't seen the second one!
Stu said…
I'm getting the general sense that there isn't an interest in another title right now. I honestly assumed that Disney would hold off a decade or two before pushing another one out - the idea being that enough time would pass for the visuals to really progress in the way that they did between the original and "Legacy."

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