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This Post Was Converted Into 3D

Well 3D certainly hasn't turned out the way I thought it would. Following last year's impressive effects in How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Tron Legacy, 2011 has been, well let's be honest, complete and utter crap. Drive Crazy's promotional marketing refused to let any one go through watching television without having filmed in 3D carved into their eyeballs. Sanctum had all of the questionable dialogue of Avatar without any of the splendor. The Green Hornet seemed like it had a reasonable excuse for post-converting; Michel Gondry's visual flair hasn't failed before, but it did this time. And as for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. I won't dignify this film's existence with a remark.

Sucker Punch will leave some kind of mark in the next week, but even if that, Harry Potter 7.2, and Captain America all do well. This season looks like it won't be saved. Film purists will likely be overwhelmed with joy over the growing discontent with high theatre costs and poor product for that high cost.

Maybe 3D is just a fad, but with every spectacular failure like Drive Crazy there will be just as many blockbusters like Justin Bieber: Never Cut My Hair. It won't go away, yet I continue hoping that Pixar and Disney can make up for the rest of the terrible schlock that lurks around every Friday release.

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