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FYC: Inception

It is not clear yet how far Shutter Island's campaign will go, but if Leonardo DiCaprio cannot garner a nod for that haunting performance than this will do. Inception will be nominated and I hope Christopher Nolan will be as well. Expanding the field of nominees is generally acknowledged as The Dark Knight rule and there is no way the Academy shuts Mr. Nolan and his film out again.

(Courtesy: Awards Daily)


Eh, I'm pretty meh about the movie though I suppose it has a feasible shot at a nod. But I can't see Leo getting anywhere near a nod, and that does pain me to say.
Fitz said…
I'm really hoping between Inception and Shutter Island he manages to get in. There's a crowded field with Bridges, Duvall, Eisenburg, Firth, Franco and Wahlberg all looking to be nominated though.

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