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The Town Trailer

This trailer is tense. While I held some interest in this before the spot, it shot right up to most anticipated right after the Coen's True Grit remake. Following Gone Baby Gone is no easy task, but this looks like it has a great chance. An ace cast in Affleck, Hamm, Hall, Renner and Cooper. I'll be waiting for this one eagerly.


CMrok93 said…
Looks like a great follow-up to Gone Baby Gone. I hope it has the same heart as that film.
Mr. Smith said…
The nun intro to this is fantastic, it reminds me of the shot of Heath Ledger standing on the street in The Dark Knight.
Not going to lie, I am really compelled by this film. Where Gone Baby Gone was great, it was slightly too overdramatic for repeat viewings. The Town looks like it can toe the line between a hard hitting drama and being badass so that I'll want to revisit it at some point.

I was just blown away by Rebecca Hall in Please Give. I can't wait to see her in this. And Renner of course...
Looks pretty badass! Looking forward to it in September

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