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Review: In The Loop (****)

The parallels to the war with Iraq run deep; while the film doesn't explicitly say where in the middle east a war is planned to take place, it's clear that the film is trying to make the point that a war with Iran could be built on the same kind of shaky intelligence, orders from on high, and bull-headed bureaucracy that landed the two powers in the Iraq quagmire.

The film focuses mainly on the travails of an ineffectual British cabinet member, his overambitious aide, and a party whip tasked with keeping the two in line. Out of their element, the two find themselves as focal points in a cabal with a bevy of American counterparts, trying to start a war.

The film is, like a lot of great comedy, simultaneously hilarious and disheartening. The emotional dissonance gives the film an emotional resonance that would be lacking in a shallower plot. The excellent writing paired with powerful performances and deft direction make the film a must-see.

In the Loop illustrates the back-room shenanigans between American and British officials in the lead up to a war in the middle east. It's a world filled with bravado, testosterone and dockyard-style intimidation.


M. Carter @ the Movies said…
Steve Coogan and James Gandolfini -- how the hell did I miss this?
Fitz said…
I wanted to see this as well, but it never came to theatres in Reno.
Red said…
I loved this movie. Such witty lines are brilliantly written and leave you wanting more!
Ben said…
It's out on DVD.
This Guy Over Here said…
This film cracked my shit up. I assumed I'd like it, but did NOT expect to laugh at it more than most films over the last few years. But then I'm susceptible to British humor quite easily.

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