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Review: 'Thirst' Leaves One Wanting More

Fumbling between genres, from drama to comedy to gore to romance, Thirst never finds its footing.

Unfortunately, it settles in the all too familiar territory of the vampire love story. The film is basically bereft of character development; comparing between the first and second halves of the film you'd have to assume that the main characters are bipolar. There was nothing particularly innovative in terms of direction, special effects, gore or plot. Even the humour was lacklustre, often barely working its way into the chuckleworthy (Oh my God, Phillipino's are Catholic! How drole!)

I don't know how this film won the Jury Prize at Cannes.

Vampire movies as a whole are lost on me. Vampires are often used as a cludgy analogy for love or lust, owing to their eternal quality, and their underlying base traits of brutal murder and drinking blood. I never thought that the vampire / love analogy was apt; love is more about affection, trust, mutual support, compromise and understanding than eternity and violence.


Fitz said…
Disappointing to say in the least. I expected more from the story.
Ben said…
It was a free pre-release screening that a friend gave me a ticket for.

I guess that you get what you pay for.

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