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Remembering John Hughes: Uncle Buck (1989)

In honour of the passing of John Hughes, we present this retrospective of Uncle Buck.

Uncle Buck
was a warm up run for Home Alone. The styles of the two films were very similar:
  • Both films starred Macaulay Culkin and John Candy,
  • Both were written by John Hughes,
  • Both dealt with abandoned children, and their relationships with adults.
Uncle Buck is decidedly the more adult of the two films. Buck is a hard-drinking, hard-gambling, commitment-fearing man-child who is more interested in enjoying life than he is in growing up. Via an unexpected exposure to adult responsibility, coming in the form of house sitting a suburban McMansion and taking care of three children, Buck learns that there is more to life than skirting responsibility.

It's run-of-the-mill fare, but the performance of John Candy and the well-written comedic bits make the film worth seeing.

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